iambatman.com is available. i was thinking of registering for it. But really what would I do with it? It kinda falls into what i call the “Garfield” category. In grade school, kids I rode the bus with always asked me to draw Garfield. I hated drawing Garfield. It’s someone else’s character. Why do I want …

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There’s alot of great websites in the world wide web. However, there are countless lousy sites. It would be real helpful if all terrible, useless sites had a .dumb extension. There could be a panel of 5 judges from Switzerland that decide what should have a .dumb extension.

throwing thanks

Many thanks to my brother, Matt, for helping get my blog up and running. He did about 90% of the work. Matt recommended that I transfer my web host from nomonthly.com to olm.net. Nomonthly was nice was the last 4 years, but they don’t support php which makes this blog so easy to maintain (via …

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office/couch chair

Currently I use the IKEA TERJE folding chair at my home desk. Don’t get me wrong. I love IKEA. However, the TERJE is not meant for desks. I want a chair that has the efficiency and ergonomics of an office chair, yet has the comfort of a couch. So when I need to chill and …

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