matte finish batting helmets

Finally matte batting helmets have come to Major League Baseball and I’m super excited. Back in 2006 (nine years ago), team Japan had matte finish batting helmets and every year since I desperately wanted to see them worn by MLB players. They have a great subtle sheen. Glossy helmets are so obnoxiously shiny. Baseball is …

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more on the Cubs video board

quick, specific observations of the video screen experience The previous post goes into more detail about the Wrigley experience and how the new video screen impacts that. Here s just some quick things I encountered. 1. As of April 14, the sound throughout the ball park now comes from the left field video board. It …

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office window

For ten years I worked on the 24th floor of the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Recently I came across the image above showing the view from my desk. It was a unique building. Firstly, it’s the tallest building in Illinois outside Chicago (31 stories). Secondly, we had a completely unobstructed view from …

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2015 Grammys Best Album Cover Winner and Nominees

Here’s the 2015 “Grammys Best Recording Package” nominees. Lightning Bolt [WINNER]Don Pendleton, Jeff Ament, Don Pendleton, Joe Spix & Jerome Turner, art directors(Pearl Jam) Formosa Medicine ShowDavid Chen & Andrew Wong, art directors (The Muddy Basin Ramblers) Indie CindyVaughan Oliver, art director (Pixies) LP1Jesse Kanda (site NSFW), art director (FKA Twigs) WhispersSarah Larnach, art director …

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occupations of most famous Estonians has made a list of the “Top 12 most outstanding Estonians in the world 2014“. It’s interesting to break it down to occupations. 12. film director 11. supermodel 10. DJ/producer 9. conductor 8. illustrator/graphic designer 7. conductor 6 businessman 5. businessman 4. president 3. singer/songwriter 2. conductor 1. composer Exactly half the list are …

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Mona Mona Mona Lisa!

The “how to be an artist” book genre is one I normally ignore, but the cover for “Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists” is rather entertaining. That Mona Lisa, she’s so so talented balancing that giant paint palette on her head.

translations for mal

My last name starts with “Mal”. I wrote it on my sandwich bag in the company fridge. A co-worker told me “mal” means “bad” in spanish. Cool. Here’s how other languages translate “mal”. There’s quite a range. Afrikaans mold Albanian mountain Azerbaijani beef Catalan bad Dutch mold Filipino kapok French evil Galician evil German times …

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2011 Christmas card

2011 Christmas card

The title of this hand-drawn open edition card is “Above the Christmas Tree”. Initially this card was intended to represent the view of a Christmas tree from above. The center point is a treetopper star and the circle forms are the tree. My four-year old daughter simply said it was a star. Now there’s some …

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2010 Christmas card

2010 Christmas card

It’s a winter wonderland in popcorn form. This extra special macro goodness. Bonus photos (including rig set up) are available at Flickr.