your very own DNA in artform

You can buy a print of your DNA structure from

I guess you provide a sample of saliva somehow. Their FAQ says, “Do you only accept saliva for your collection process? Yes. Please follow the directions that are included in your collection kit.”

The DNA structures are giclee prints on archival-quality canvas

x 24
$390 (USD)
x 36
$490 (USD)
x 54
$790 (USD)

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’m not sure I want to actual send my DNA out into the world on purpose

18 years ago

It would be cool if a piece of art was admitted as DNA evicence in a trial…. but it would be a bummer if they used it to convict you.

I think Tom has a good point. Giving your DNA to someone seems like a possible mistake you could never take back

Does it have to be human DNA?
If they could do my dog I would think about it.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago


18 years ago

Nice art, but way too expensive!. There’s an alternative that offers you highest quality, lowest prices and maximum flexibility. The company GENEPORTRAIT creates beautiful and scientifically-solid genetic portraits from a sample of your own DNA. They can include multiple individuals (people/pets) in one single portrait which makes the experience much less expensive and more meaningful: You can directly compare your fingerprint with your loved ones’ (family members, couple, pets, friends), generating both a unique sense of closeness and individuality. The artwork is delivered on CD giving you total freedom of choice to handle your work of art and save money… Read more »