wooden VW Bus

Lee Stoetzel
VW Bus 2007
75 x 165 x 67 1/2 inches (1:1 scale)
pecky cypress wood, steel

from mixed greens, an art gallery in New York City:

“Stoetzel grew up in Florida where aged cypress is used as paneling in seafood restaurants and motel lobbies to give an
Floridian appeal.
Pecky Cypress
is, in fact, fungus-eaten cypress wood with hollow spaces that appear to be carved marks. The wood
s texture mimics camouflage, a Richter-like abstract painting, a woodblock print or pyrography. Stoetzel finds this natural design to be fascinating and, for this show, carves Pecky Cypress into both a VW Bus and a replica
Captain America
Harley Davidson Chopper motorcycle from the movie Easy Rider . Both are 1:1 decoys of the real vehicles. They inspire dialogue related to the landscape, a longing for the open road and nostalgia.”

full description of Stoetzel’s 2007 “You are in a Landscape” exhibit here

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