why Luigi is better than the Princess

Way too much of my high school days were spent playing Super Mario Bros 2 on NES. Way. too. much. It’s also on my Wii and I proudly (and sadly) conquer the game each time I play. Early on in my SMB2 days, I quickly observed that Luigi is the best of the four available players. I call nonsense on those claiming Princess Peach is the best.

Let’s say Princess can travel a horizontal distance of 50 when she floats in the air and Luigi can travel a vertical distance of 50. However, Princess can travel a vertical distance of 5 while Luigi can travel a horizontal distance of 30. (Luigi’s horizontal distance of course is hampered when he’s in a low-ceiling room which is rare.) These numbers are not actual stats. It’s just my impression.

So who are you gonna pick? The player with a 50 horizontal / 5 vertical or the one with a 30 horizontal / 50 vertical. Easy. Luigi rules.

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Matt Maldre
12 years ago

I agree. I’d like to see a visual trail of the jumping distance path of Luigi and the Princess. Then your case will convince the millions and millions.

12 years ago

I used to always play as Princess. I the floating seemed to save my ass all the time.