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Looking for a service that provides excellent prints of your photographs for a good price? I haven’t performed any lab tests, but I must say that I’m very impressed with shutterfly.com.

My wife ordered a couple dozen prints and they look great. Other places tend to have a habit of producing dark prints. I know Wolf, Walgreens, and snapfish are like that. Shutterfly’s prints demonstrated excellent color balance, saturation, and tonal control. The paper is a decent thickness, but not very impressive. But they make up for that with a nice, rich gloss finish.

Maybe we lucked out and got a photo technician at shutterfly who knows their craft well. But shutterfly certainly has impressed me to this point.

You might be new to my blog and wondering what my credentials are. I come from a photography family. My pops is a professional photographer and taught university photography for 35 years. My bro has mastered the art of HDR. I worked in a professional photo studio and created a photo studio for the ad agency I worked at. We’re a Nikon family by the way.

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Mark R
Mark R

My wife has also used a couple of the different photo sites out there (shutterfly, snapfish, Walgreens, kodak, costco) and she has also been impressed with Shutterfly. She likes them better than all of the others.

She even used Shutterfly for our digital scrapbook (12×12 leatherbound book)of a recent trip we took to Europe and the book turned out great. The photo quality was far superior to a different photobook she ordered through Snapfish. The holiday photocards we sent out this year also came from Shutterfly and turned out well.

I would recommend Shutterfly to anyone.

Mark R
Mark R

I will agree however that although the photo paper is decent, it could have been better. The photo quality was great, but I would have liked slightly thicker stock for our holiday photocards.

Tom Saaristo

This is very good to know. If a member of a Nikon family has a recommendation I would heed any and all to prick up their ears.

Tom Saaristo



ditto the love for Shutterfly and Nikon. We’ve been using shutterfly for our holiday cards and sending photos to family for a few years and we’ve always been very happy with them.

My wife is the former newspaper photog/motophoto slave, so she’s the really picky one in the area of print quality; I’m just happy with their interface, as I’m the one doing most of the ordering and designing of cards.