what’s straight east and west of your home?

Here’s an insanely fun game that I came up with. You can view what’s DIRECTLY east, west, north or south of your home.

Go to Google Maps. Pull up a satellite map of your home. Zoom in to the second closest notch. (You can see the zoom slider in the upper left of the photo above.) Now move the map so that your home is at the very top of the map. Make sure it is touching the edge of the map. Next, use the navigation tool (in the upper left corner) to move the map directly east or west and see what interesting things you find. Don’t use the hand tool. It’s best to just click on the arrow buttons so that you move directly east or west. You can travel north or south by putting your home on the far left or far right edge of the map.

I took screen shots of all the interesting places directly east of my house. Before I ran into Lake Michigan I encountered four swimming pools DIRECTLY east.

I discovered that I live about 15-20 miles DIRECTLY east of Navy Pier. And my very front door is directly east of the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. If I walk four houses south, then I’d be in Lake Michigan. In the photo above, my house is the top red box. The boxes below the top box are the houses south of my house.

Now here’s the real funny thing that I found. If I walk three houses south, then I would be looking directly east at the Tribune Tower where my brother works. That just blows my mind.

I know this probably isn’t geographically correct, but I sure like to think it is.

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

I’m sure this is a fun game, but I’m afraid I have too many popular destinations that are probably “illegal” words in your list to post my results.

Matt Maldre
12 years ago

i wonder if you are at the same latitude of navy pier. I’m assuming google maps goes east/west strickly by latitude.

What is with the red boxes on the map? They are very distracting.

Matt Maldre
12 years ago

yes. Google maps moves strictly east/west on lat numbers.


Navy Pier:

That difference is 192 feet.

Mark R
Mark R
12 years ago

Going East of my house I run into several parks, golf courses, pools, shopping centers/parking lots, lakes, and huge estate houses. Eventually of course I run into Lake Michigan as well.

THe surprising thing about doing this is the sheer number of pools in the Chicago area. I didn’t think I would find that many. Although most of them are the round above ground variety. I don’t like those.

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Let me try another way:

N: St. Patrick’s Church rectory
S: Sox Park
E: Sear’s Tower
W: Bay’s English muffin factory

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