what to do with Wrigley Field bricks

Last week, I gave the breaking news that the Chicago Cubs are selling authentic Wrigley Field bricks.

Now, the question is: What do I do with my authentic Wrigley Field brick?

Some ideas:

buy a knit cubs baby hat and put it on my brick to keep it cozy

drill a hole through the brick, attached some twine and wear it as a necklace

spudart suggested having a toy hold up the brick

paint a portrait of AJ Pierzynski on it (brickhead)

bring the brick to Cubs games and every time Jock Jones commits a baserunning blunder I could squat above my seat and drop the brick onto my seat and say that I just 5hit a brick.

wrap some rubber bands around the brick and use it as a really awkward wallet

put the brick in my fish tank and see how fast it crumbles reminiscent of the cubs falling apart in Game 5 of the 2003 NCLS game against the Fighting Fish. **tearing up**

wrap it in duct tape and and and, well just because duct tape is cool

glue the brick to the front of a pair of sunglasses and run around in my yard aimlessly pretending like I’m Jock Jones chasing down fly balls.

use the brick to squash ants on the sidewalk while repeatedly yelling, “Don’t bunt with two outs in the ninth with runners at first and third when you’re losing 5-3 every again!”

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Laura K.
Laura K.
15 years ago

Re-pave your front walk and include the brick in it. See if people notice it when walking up to your door.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

paper weight

Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

Attach it to your front door and use it as a door-knocker.

13 years ago

I have quite a few and was wondering how I get them authenticated?

12 years ago

Throw it back.

Mark R
Mark R
12 years ago

Who wouldn’t like to have lunch with Mr. Cub?

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