ultimate couch

Domino’s was selling the “Domino’s Pizza Man Cave Couch” for $30,000, plus a mere $5000-$7000 for shipping.

Here’s what it has:
* Two flat panel screen televisions
* DVD player
* Mini refrigerator
* Xbox with three controllers
* Electric Red MP3 player
* XM Radio with one year of free service
* NEXTEL cellular phone and a NASCAR headset
* Two Domino’s Pizza Heat Wave hot bags to keep your pizzas warm
* Coca-Cola beverage cooler
* Remote control caddy
* Bottle opener

That’s all fine and dandy. But there’s one major flaw with the couch. Where the h*ll do you lie down on the thing? There’s no where to put your head. Both armrests are covered with gadgets.
I suggest one of two things:
1. built-in recliner.
2. chaise.
either of those features would allow for proper lounging.

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Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

$5,000 – $7,000 for [i]shipping?!?[/i] That’s nuts!

I wonder who won it and what they paid for shipping!?

Mark R
Mark R
16 years ago

The website does say something about a reclining option as well as headrests which double as paper towel dispensers. While I think the couch would be really cool, there’s no way I would spend $30K on that thing.

Matt Maldre
16 years ago

just an xbox? it should be an xbox 360. forget it. I’m not gonna buy the cave couch now.

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