Transformers Titanium price scam

I bought three Transformers toys (I went a little overboard) from Toys R Us. I added up the cost before I got to the register and I figured it would be about $45 with tax. I wanted to keep it under $50 for I had a $50 bill (gift from my mom). And sure enough when I checked out, they charged me $57. I only had $54 in my wallet so I used the $50 bill and put $7 on my credit card.

I checked my receipt in the parking lot. I knew the “Transformers Titanium Series OPTIMUS PRIME vs. MEGATRON Exclusive 2-Pack Boxed Set” was priced at $20, but they charged me $30.

I returned to the store and showed the receipt to the girl at the Customer Service desk. She sent me to the Transformers aisle and the kid said, “The SKUs don’t match up, but it clearly says $20 so take this, (the shelf’s price tag), to the customer service desk and they’ll reimburse you.” So I returned to Customer Service and the girl said, “Oh, that Optimus Prime/Megatron combo pack. Ok. We’ll reimburse you the extra money”. So it’s pretty clear that Toys R Us is running some sort of scam if the Customer Service people are aware of the price difference of the Optimus Prime/Megatron combo, because they keep the $20 price tag on the shelf, yet actually charge $30.

Here’s the toy in question: Transformers Titanium Series OPTIMUS PRIME vs. MEGATRON Exclusive 2-Pack Boxed Set.

Don’t buy any Transformers from! Get this… Amazon is selling the toy mentioned above for $60. I also bought a $7 Transformer at Toys r Us and Amazon is selling it for $30.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

I saw that titanium prime/megatron at my toys r us for $20. I should have bought it to see what they would charge me.

Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

Love the caption that goes along with the giraffe. Good stuff.

Although I hope you don’t have any small children checking out your blog. Toys R Us is like Mecca for kids.