To Protect To Serve

Certainly their job is not to protect and serve the usage of proper quotation marks. Even if you pardon their use of the inches punctuation, they are still facing the wrong direction. Fail on Wheaton, Illinois Police Department.

Also, shouldn’t it be “To Protect. To Serve.” and not “To Protect To Serve”? So they really aren’t saying anything about protecting citizens and businesses. The Wheaton Police Department is declaring that they have the right to protect their right to serve.

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Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Oh wait. I thought this was someone’s joke for a bumper sticker on their car. This is on a for-real Wheaton police vehicle? Are you sure it wasn’t one of those fake Wheaton police vehicles?

WAIT–ERIK! YOU JUST DISCOVERED A DECEPTICON!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT go inside that vehicle or talk about the location of the Autobot bunker around that decepticon.

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Barricade soon realized that his slogan “To punish and enslave” was a tipoff. Barricade was on the internet one night and he saw everyone talking about it. So he changed his quote. And now you just busted him on the internet. I hope Barricade doesn’t see your blog post.

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