The letter ‘M’ reminds me of the stock market

I came across this cake topper while searching Google Products for metal letters. Forget how it looks pretty and how it’s on top of a cake. On a strictly formal level, this “M” struck me. Two sheets of metal begin as curling shapes and suddenly jump skyward only to stop even more suddenly and dive downward where they meet in unison. It’s not often do you such movement in a symmetrical shape.

Right now this “M” reminds me of the stock market. It’s wild and uncontrollable. It can shoot up for giant gains, then all of a sudden it drops for historic losses.

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

The letter E is really stable. The left horizontal is the left bar of the graph. But then there are three horizontal lines that the represent three extremely steady stocks.

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

I’d like to see you retitle this post as “The letter ‘M’ reminds me of the stock market.” That could get you more hits. It peaks curiousity.

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