wood paneling and colored lights

Wow! I never knew wood paneling and multi-colored Christmas lights looked so nice! I should have started using these lights in my basement eight years ago. My parents ALWAYS used white lights. I never used multi-colored lights. There’s been a strand of 300 multi-colored in my possession since my college days (circa 1995) and they …

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hollywood sign hotel

Christian BayJrgensen, owner of Bay Arch of Denmark, wants to turn the Hollywood sign into a hotel. It’s an intriguing idea, but his design stinks. He wants to double the size of the letters and make the sign as vanilla as possible. A huge part of the charm of the Hollywood sign is how the …

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wooden plank thing wall

I want this wall in my studio. Doesn’t look quite energy efficient though. And it wouldn’t work too well in a basement. wall from Learning Center by Sebastian Mariscal Studio via archdaily.com

beautiful wood notebook

Container Corps in Portland, OR makes some of the most awesome notebooks I have ever seen. Though I’m not sure how flat the pages sit. They really don’t show that in their collection of ten photos. I may try building my own wood notebook sometime this spring/summer. I have some mahogany planks just sitting around …

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wood cinder block

Sergio Silva‘s walnut cinder block is awesome. It’s 8″ x 8″ x 16″. I love the industrial power of cinder blocks and walnut is simply beautiful. Sergio could have done a much better job photographing his walnut cinder blocks. The light entering the background block is distracting and takes away from the rich elegance inherent …

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cool wood backpack

I dig this wood backpack found on mistermort.typepad.com. The carrier is from Sweden which adds to its allure. Though it has to be pretty heavy. But check out those gate hinges. Anything with gate hinges is pure awesomeness.

wooden VW Bus

Lee StoetzelVW Bus 200775 x 165 x 67 1/2 inches (1:1 scale)pecky cypress wood, steel from mixed greens, an art gallery in New York City: “Stoetzel grew up in Florida where aged cypress is used as paneling in seafood restaurants and motel lobbies to give an authentic Floridian appeal. Pecky Cypress is, in fact, fungus-eaten …

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3″ wood discs

I was looking for 3″ wood discs that are at least 0.25″ thick. I found the secret keyword to search on the internet. It took me a while to find it. I searched craft supply stores, woodworking stores, and ebay. I searched for discs, disks, circles, and toys and the biggest size is 2.25″. Home …

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Eames plywood elephant

In addition to being pioneers of 20th century industrial design, Charles and Ray Eames also designed a plywood elephant. I didn’t know that!