Don’t Forget the Cookies

Do you think anyone would buy a painting with the words, “Don’t Forget the Cookies”?Why the initial caps? Not sure. Mysteries abound. For the record, I have a Post-It Note on my computer with those words. Leftovers from a company lunch included cookies. I receive more joy in sharing a cookie or two with my …

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nice painting at MCA

This painting on flickr blows my mind. my comment left on flickr:Incredible painting. The “x” on the person really fills the void of the painting. Pairing this “x” with the red border is quite dynamic especially since the person was painted on top of the red border. It has an eerie sense of dimension. I’d …

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Welcome people of Earth looking for spray painted salted pretzel sticks! I can offer you no spray painted salted pretzel sticks, but I can offer you this note talking about spray painting salted pretzel sticks.

some John Baldessari

A reproduction of a John Baldessari painting has been happily hanging on my desk wall for the last few weeks. Enjoy its presence now on my blog wall. Baldessari’s websiteJohn Baldessari on Google Images

wood paneling and colored lights

Wow! I never knew wood paneling and multi-colored Christmas lights looked so nice! I should have started using these lights in my basement eight years ago. My parents ALWAYS used white lights. I never used multi-colored lights. There’s been a strand of 300 multi-colored in my possession since my college days (circa 1995) and they …

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enjoy these nicely painted trees

While my blog has been sleeping, it woke up and found itself in the middle of a northwestern Canadian forest. by Jenny Vorwaller (this painting was featured on a design blog)

Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod

Ok. Who is going to be the first person to do a Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod? The pop-up flash on the Nikon 1 screams R2-D2. And the body on the Nikon is available in white. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? R2-D2 all the way! Even the rounded sides of the Nikon 1 …

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great source for color palettes

Looking for color palette inspiration? Find some old, classic oil paintings and use your image editor’s eyedropper tool to sample the colors. Often the results will be quite sophisticated. The palette above is from a painting that needs to be included in a book cover I’m designing.

new art in Etsy shop: Houston

It’s been a while since my Etsy shop has been updated. I just posted a couple paintings made from last year. It’s a series called, “HOUSTON, HOUSTON, HOUSTON”. It’s an exploration of space.