London forecast

I was visiting and was amused by their weather forecast. Rather than saying, “partly cloudy”, they say “sunny intervals”. I much prefer “sunny intervals”. It’s a glass half full kinda thing. So proper. I love London.

bookshelf staircase

London-based Levitate Architects designed this crazy bookshelf built into a staircase for a couple in London. I was competely thrown off by the photos the first time I saw them. I couldn’t tell which way was up. The photo on the left is the view your feet would have as they are walking up the …

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tragic, really

“Little People – A tiny street art project““Little handpainted people left in London to fend for themselves” That says it well. The picture frame falling in front of the Starbucks is brillant. Unfortunately, they mix in other photos with this series. This site gives a quicker understanding of the picture frame series. There’s five photos …

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London videos on YouTube

While in London and its surrounding areas last year I took four videos:1. Circling Stonhenge2. British Museum Library3. England countryside between London and Salisbury4. a Laszlo Moholy-Nagy film at the Tate Modern The first two are now available for viewing on my YouTube page.


Congrats to London for being awarded the host of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games! When I was in London, they had “Back the Bid” advertising everywhere! Posters were plastered throughout the Tube. Busses and taxis were completely painted with the 2012 London Olympics logo. They even had Back the Bid stitched on the Underground seats. …


London advice?

My wife and I going to London soon. Does anyone have any travel advice? We’re gonna be there for a week.