2009 Christmas card

2009 Christmas card

LEGO and cardboard were this year’s inspiration. The basic forms of the tree were replicated from LEGO set 10069 (a Christmas tree). A full explanation is at Flickr along with hi-res images. The original LEGO set was about 3″ tall. My cardboard version was about 18″ tall. The reverse side of the card featured a …

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minifig fun

I love LEGO minifigs. I love the secretive nature of feeling around the package trying to guess which in the series of 16 is in that little delightful bag of secrecy. (Note: It’s not a mystery. Mysteries aren’t revealed, secrets are.) It’s best when I buy a package at lunch time, bring it back to …

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I’m in trouble

While at Toys R Us the other day, I came across this new building block toy called Nanoblocks. They’re super small. So small in fact that a 2×4 Nanoblock is the exact same width and depth as a 1×2 LEGO brick. See below. I like ’em. I really like ’em a lot. But I don’t …

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Death Star ornament

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and LEGO, then certainly you’re aware of the $400 Death Star. Not quite in your budget? Then try the Death Star ornament. Chris McVeigh has posted on his site the complete build instructions.

worst mini-fig in series 2

About a year ago I blogged about LEGO introducing the “minifigures” series. This last Christmas I bought a minifigure from series 2 for my brother. I didn’t feel around the packaging to guess its contents. He wound up with the worst figure in the series: the singer. Fast forward to Monday, January 3rd. I felt …

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lego exhibit

If you happen to be in Washington DC before September 5, 2011, then think about heading over to the National Building Museum to check out the show, “LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition“. And you can buy sets by the designer(s) featured at the show at the LEGO Architecture site. I’d include a photo of lego structures, …

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mini-fig grab bag

LEGO announced a new set of 16 mini-figs (technically spelled “minifigure” with no hyphen, but the collectors’ market insists on putting in a hyphen). What’s unique is that LEGO has never sold minifigures on their own (excluding the key chains, but technically those are keychain minifigures and not minifigures). The boxes aren’t labeled so it’s …

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all concrete building

It’s a giant concrete rectangle and a door and I love it. The size of the concrete slabs really make this work. If the surface’s texture was completely flat, then it wouldn’t be as exciting. This is going to inspire me to construct a large LEGO sculpture block with a door. I wish LEGO would …

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table full of drawers

Lucie Koldova’s Treasury Table is slick. Lots of storage presented in a polished manner. Though the legs are too thin when compared to the thickness of the table resulting in a flimsy stance. But the frosty surface nominally revealing the desk’s contents is intriguing. And I like storage. Storage good. Now I have to go …

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