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#1 search result on Google images (SafeSearch set to “strict”) for: 3 source: 3

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#1 search result on Google images (SafeSearch set to “strict”) for: 2 source:

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I haven’t blogged in a while, about 50 posts behind actually. To make up for lost time, there will be an assault of 50 blog posts. Each post will feature the #1 Google Images search result for a number from the set of 1 through 50. This will be a nice social studies experiment. So …

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Chicago on Google Images

Running a Google Image search on “Chicago” results in a great deal of photos of the now defunct Chicago Spire by Santiago Calatrava. I was kinda hoping to find some of Matt Maldre’s famous Chicago photos ranked favorably by Flickr like this one. I never saw the image above of the Chicago Spire. It’s quite …

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fun with google images: “joke”

I can never get enough of Google Images. It’s such a quirky little tool. Sometimes it’s very usual for finding stuff or times it’s not. And it’s always fun to search for unusual words and see what the number one hit is. here’s a good one: joke

search your name on google images.

Go to Google Images and do a search on your name. It’s fun. I did a search for my name, Erik. The first image is a photo of some guy apparently on fire. The second image is of Beeker from The Muppets!