Faceoff Friday

faceoff friday: #4

Who would win? pig or Patrick with a knife? I initially had just the pig versus Patrick, but it was pretty clear that the pig would win, so I made it more interesting by giving Patrick a knife. I still think the pig would win. Patrick would end up stabbing himself somehow.

faceoff friday: 3

Who will win?Mohawk-wearing Native American or Three-headed dog? My money is on the three-headed dog. MohawkMan will throw his two axes at two of the three-headed dog’s heads and there will still be one head on the dog to maul MohawkMan. Michael Vick, if you read my blog, don’t get any ideas! Who do you …

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Faceoff Friday: #2

Who will win?ghost with chain or Tyrannosaurus Rex? My money is on ghost with chain. He’s already dead, so there’s no way that the T-Rex can kill him. The Ghost will just repeatedly whip the T-Rex with his chain. Who do you think would win?

Faceoff Friday: #1

Welcome to a new installment on the unlikelymoose blog. It is called Faceoff Friday. Two toys are pitted against each other and we must decide who is going to win! FACEOFF FRIDAYJuly 13, 2007Merlin the Magician vs. Crossbowman Blue My money is on Merlin, because the crossbowman is left-handed and it’s a proven fact that …

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