Faceoff Friday

faceoff friday: #12

Who would win? fighting chicken or man with barrel of monkeys. At first I thought the fighting chicken would win because he looks angry, crazy and ready to rip anything to shreds. But, don’t discount the potential mayhem ensued by a barrel of monkeys. The monkeys figure out a way to win this fight despite …

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faceoff friday: smurfs

Who would win? Jokey Smurf, Smurfette in a car, or Smurf with spear? I say Jokey Smurf wins. Nothing stops his secret package of desctruction.

faceoff friday: #7

Today’s Faceoff Friday is a little more abstract. I like to push the boundaries of Faceoff Friday. Use your imagination. Who will win? black piece or silver piece? I’m siding with silver piece. The giant hole at the top is his mouth and he will just munch up black piece. The little spikes on the …

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faceoff friday: #6

Who would win? blob dude holding clock or blob tape dispenser dude? At first it seems quite clear that the clock blob would win. He throws that massive clock on tape blob and the game’s over. However, notice that clock blob is glued down onto a base. He can’t move. Tape blob can roam freely. …

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faceoff friday: #5

Who would win? Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein? My money is on da Vinci. He invented all sorts of weapons of war. He would destroy Einstein. The only thing Einstein could do is rattle off the theory of relativity and get da Vinci to think about it long enough for Einstein to pummel Leonardo …

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