Estonia art

Alot of Estonian art sites I encountered are in Estonian. surprise. surprise. There are some that have English translations. Here’s a few links: ———————————– This seems to be the big master list of Estonian galleries and museums. It really surprises me how many museums and galleries do not have websites. oh well. All the sites …

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Estonia on Alias

On the TV show, Alias, on ABC, they display the city that the next scene is set in. Estonia was one of the settings! Jennifer Garner’s sister got stabbed in the back in Estonia. Don’t worry. It wasn’t a good-natured Estonian who did the deed. It was some evil henchmen that just so happened to …

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OLYMPICS FUNErki Nool (Estonian) won the decathalon gold in the 2000 olympics in Sydney. DECATHALON! That made him the world’s greatest athlete! When the news broke, I put up a sign in my apartment window. Looks like Erki’s only event in the 2004 Olympics is the Men’s “10-n”. Whatever that is. Looks like it’s some …

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