world’s longest french fry

The world’s longest french fry is 8.75″. 8.75″? That’s it? As americans, we can do better than that. This fry was discovered on Feb. 11, 2005 at Culver’s restaurant in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The famous fry sold on ebay for $202.50.

Dynamite magazine

Remember Dynamite magazine. We got Dynamite magazine in 4th or 5th grade at Hope Lutheran School, Chicago in the mid 1980s through the Scholastic Book Club. Dynamite magazine. classic 80s. classic. Links to Dynamite Magazine: jsikes on tripod: he even has a scan of the Bummers cartoon. again, classic. There’s some cover images of the …

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chuckles on ebay

I did a search on ebay for chuckles and there’s quite a variety of items. Items include: Chuckles the stuffed canterbury bear Three Chuckles “mega rare” 1956 LP box of 24 Chuckles candy 1987 G.I.Joe action figure named Chuckles (he was the dope that wore the Hawaiian shirt) Chuckles, a 22″ doll from the 1920s …

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antartica dollars

Get your very own Antartica dollars by artist Stephen Barnwell. They are well-designed with great, great details. I’m not a fan of the fake dollars that show silly portraits of recent historical figures like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. These Antartica dollars have a nice edge to them. Plus, anything that is related (or this …

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custom lego sculptures

I was searching ebay for lego sculptures. I’m shocked that I can only find one ebay store that sells custom lego sculptures. BrickCreations currently has 12 lego sculptures for sale. Some are very nice. My favorite is the tiki cup thing. Though I’m more interested in abstract lego sculpture. Whenever someone builds something out of …

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Abstract Paintings for sale!

7 NEW ABSTRACT PAINTINGS FOR SALE! ARTIST STATEMENT: The Picture in Picture series is a study in the relationship between organic and geometric representations and the idiosyncrasies within these elements. The soothing, yet ebullient surface of the paintings create the groundwork for the ethereal atmosphere consuming the entire surface. Yet the earthy use of browns, …

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45 original drawings of classic baseball players by Erik Maldre for sale exclusively at stores.ebay.com/unlikely-moose. Prices are between $25 and $100. No reproductions. All original work. Here’s the list of sports figures:Shoeless Joe JacksonErnie BanksGrover AlexanderCharlie GrimmHank SauerNellie FoxTed BlankenshipErnie BanksHack WilsonRed FaberMordecai Three Finger BrownLuke ApplingJoe CredeEddie CollinsMoose Skowron

browsable dictionary

This is gonna sound real stupid, but for the longest time I had troubles finding a dictionary online that gave every single word in the respective dictionary available to browse. Most online dictionaries require you to type in a specific word. I just wanted to look at all the words at once. Today I found …

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robot art on ebay

Travis Smith likes to make paintings of robots and sell them on ebay. His ebay id is travgator. As of today, he only has two paintings available. Just another ebay artist to keep an eye on. His website is mrpurty.com. More cool robot paintings there.