where else

Oh, Ebay. It’s a great place to find the wonderfully amusingly mundane. And guess what. You can buy the wonderfully amusingly mundane. Or you can simply download the wonderfully amusingly mundane for free. You can be the proud owner of the image above for only $3.75 (shipping included). It is appropriately titled, “VINTAGE POLAROID SCARY …

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uh no thanks

I have no interest in gathering cocoanuts or coconuts. Funny thing, search google for “gathering cocoanuts postcard” and there’s a fair amount of variations of this postcard. Came across this postcard ebaying hawaii postcards.

nice autograph card

Terry Leach’s shoulders are almost at the same angle as his autograph. And the “New York” on his chest is in script, so it further unifies the autograph and the player. It’s four bucks on ebay (shipping included.) In fact, doing a search for “Terry Leach” on ebay results in a ton of awesome cards. …

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great baseball magazine design

Recently I came across the “Who’s Who in Baseball” annual publication for the first time. I love the distinctive and bold red & black cover with b/w photo and simple graphics. This design treatment has largely remained unchanged for decades. Do a search on ebay for “Who’s Who in Baseball” to get a nice sampling …

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nice rocks

Rocks look so much more impressive when you put little numbered stickers on them. When all this snowmageddon snow melts, I want to paint white circles with black numbers on the rocks in my yard.

ebay joy

I was strolling through the “Rocks, Fossils & Minerals” category on ebay and came across three “Pet Rock Buddies”. They are $2.89 each (shipping included). Hurry, these auctions end February 05 at about 10:30 a.m. CST. pet rock buddy 1pet rock buddy 2pet rock buddy 3 You could always revisit the seller’s ebay page at …

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superman he-man

Buy your very own He-Man action figure modded to be Superman and Fruit Roll-Up Cape Man! $40