behind my 2007 Christmas card

Here’s an exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the making of my 2007 Christmas card titled, “Mies van der Rohe & Christmas tree”. If you haven’t received the card and would like one, then email me your mailing address at yikesmoose -at- excite -dot- com. Each card was hand-drawn. The medium is pen and ink on …

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dumbest invention ever

The SmudgeGuard is a pseudo-glove for left-handers to wear to prevent smudges when writing with a pen or pencil or drawing with pastels, graphite or the like. I am a left-handed artist and I think the SmudgeGuard is the dumbest invention ever. I wear smudge marks on my hand as a badge of honor that …

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Robert Smithson Broken Circle

BROKEN CIRCLE Emmen, HollandSummer 1971green water, white and yellow sand flatsdiameter 140′canal approximately 12′ widedepth quarry lake 10 to 15 Spiral Hill, Broken Circle sketch unedited 16mm takes Emmen, Holland Google Earth Community for Robert Smithson’s Spiral Hill, Broken Circle a daytime photo is shown here a collection of 16 photos on Flickr An essay …

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best fist drawing ever

I’ve never seen a better fist illustration. And guess where it came from.KFC China. However, the site is terribly slow and clunky. The headline in the graphic reads “KFC. Changing for China. Creating the New Fast Food”. For more info on KFC’s campaign in China, go here.

French Fry Man

To start off French Fry Week, let me introduce you to French Fry Man and his side kick Potato Man (shown above is Potato Man). The Adventures of Frency Fry Man is created and drawn by Iain. Here’s some other cartoon characters based on the french fry: french fry girl unnamed the other french fry …

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baseball drawings on MSN shopping

Three of my drawings have made it to the first page (of five) on MSN Shopping for: Home > Home Furnishings > Art, Prints & Posters > Drawings > $70 – $75 Thanks, MSN Shopping.