gyro art in chicago

This site features 80+ gyro signs throughout chicago. Here’s a quote from the site:These masterpieces of prosaic art, in which anonymous artisans lovingly render a staple of the culinary underclass, put transcendence on the street corner. Fast food is not the usual subject of creative vision, nor ramshackle shacks and under-the-El storefronts its usual location, …

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my first bulls game

Last night was my first Chicago Bulls game. I never went to see Michael Jordan play. Yes, that’s very sad. The Bulls handily defeated the worst team in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks, 105-91. I went with a couple co-workers. We had very nice seats. We were about 20 rows behind the visitor’s basket. Some …

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Batman filming in Chicago

Batman was filming in Chicago yesterday. Andrea and I were driving home and they all the streets between State and Franklin were blocked off from Jackson to Congress Parkway. It was crazy. Andrea found out today that Batman was filming. We could have seen Batman! DAMN! I told Andrea that they were probably filming a …

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