Lake Michigan borders

I was building a cool map for a future post and I noticed that Lake Michigan has stateline borders! Waz up wit dat? When showing maps of states, they should include the lakes. Illinois should have a peg stick out the upper right corner to represent the Illinois’ presence on (or in?) Lake Michigan.

world’s first skyscaper

This last Sunday, October 8, 2006, Chicago celebrated the 135th anniversary of the Chicago Fire. “Celebrate”? you ask. Why would a city celebrate such a tragic event? Since the Chicago Fire wiped out practically the entire city, it gave the city an empty slate to rebuild the city to great fame and notoriety. However, I …

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new post on livejournal #8

Here’s a snippet from the my latest artist journal entry: “New series: art with maps“ It’s curious to see the borders of different cities. I grew up on the edge of Chicago near some southwestern suburbs. It was always interesting to note which… (rest of entry) homepage for unlikelymoose artist livejournal

double Hancock made a cool post about doubling the Aon building’s height. It’s inspired by the fact that Aon’s neighbor, the Blue Cross building, will actually be doubling its height over the next couple years. He asked for a Double Hancock. Well, here you go. Watch it animate here.

my kind of town

American Cities That Best Fit You: 80% Chicago 65% Philadelphia 60% Boston 60% New York City 45% Atlanta Which American Cities Best Fit You?