leading up to 5000

Here’s the ten comments leading up to and including the 5,000th comment for historical purposes (Let it be known that only spudart knew that I was approaching 5,000. I told him around comment 4,993): 4,991 (affordable calculator watch): Another great thing I’ve come to appreciate is the exactness of the time. I’ve never been quite …

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camera with ZINK

Last week, Polaroid and Polaroid “Creative Director” Lady Gaga announced the GL30 digital camera which also prints ZINK (zero ink technology) prints. It’s a beatiful device with no price tag yet and scheduled availability in Fall 2011. Think traditional Polaroid camera, but with ZINK prints and digital photographs instead of film. However, that camera is …

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cheapest Christmas album

Amazon is currently offering a 99 song Christmas album for $2. That’s $0.02 per song. Use the link below to get this Amazon Exclusive. UPDATE: 1/14/2011Here’s the album’s list of artists. The number following the artist(s) name is number of songs represented. Oxford St. Peter’s Choir – 18Bonn Classical Philharmonic and Heribert Beissel – 10 …

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affordable slow-motion camera

Looking for an affordable camera that can capture slo-motion footage? How does 1,200 frames per second work for you? Yea, that’s right. One thousand two hundred in one second. It’s the Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 and it retails for $1000. The catch is that the resolution at the 1,200 FPS setting is a tiny 336 …

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ipad screen as giant camera

Let’s get crazy here, real crazy. I want Apple’s iPad to have crazy camera skills. Forget about the silly little pin-sized circle that currently acts as the iPad’s camera. I want the ENTIRE SCREEN to function as a light-sensitive imaging chip. So that 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology would also …

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cheapest tablet

I have to admit I’m intrigued by the $99 Walgreens tablet. It’s the Maylong M-150 Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android. Certainly the iPad is far superior in every aspect. Yet forking over $500 for the iPad is quite an investment. What intrigues me about Walgreens’ tablet is that someone on a tight budget who …

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pigeon camera inventor

Doppel-Sport Panoramic Camerainventor: Dr. Julius Neubronner of Kronbergtested: 1908 at SpandauMarketed: 1912 onwards information from page 283, “The Illustrated History of the Camera”, D. B.;Auer, Michel Tubbsavailable at Wheaton Public Library: 771.3AUE wikipedia entry here video of Dr. Neubronner playing with some kids and a dachshund

a new kind of Polaroid film

On Monday, the Impossible Project (the people who rebuilt the Polaroid formula from the ground up) announced the availability of their instant film for Polaroid cameras. It won’t come cheap. Prices range from $18 to $35 a pack. They officially will be available Thursday, but Impossible is taking orders now and they’re selling quickly. Each …

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