I’m watching you

This illustration of the Nikon D600 Fn Button looks like an angry eye. I know what you’re thinking. Four months of no blog posts and THIS is the first effort?

weird note

I found a Post-It note in my boiler room with the following note: No time for cameras. We’ll use our eyes instead. I see flashes. I have no idea what this means.

destroying a gingerbread house

man, camera, tripod, garage, homemade croquet mallet, and a gingerbread house.This can’t be good for the gingerbread house. with bonus slow-motion footage

Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod

Ok. Who is going to be the first person to do a Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod? The pop-up flash on the Nikon 1 screams R2-D2. And the body on the Nikon is available in white. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? R2-D2 all the way! Even the rounded sides of the Nikon 1 …

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Kindles and cameras

A few basic notes from my visit tonight at Best Buy AMAZON KINDLES The Fire is nice especially for it’s price, but it’s really only suitable for casual intermittent internet browsing. If you’re looking to supplant a computer for basic tasks like email and internet, then you’re better off with the iPad. The Fire is …

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how to pronounce “Nikon”

Nothing interesting about this commercial except how they pronounce “Nikon” at the 26 second mark. Apparently it’s pronounced “nick-ON”, not “NIGH-con”. Yea, it shocked me too! I will try to adopt this proper pronunciation.

tiny tiny tiny camera

Japan, Japan, Japan. So many awesome things never leave Japan. Include the mame-cam dx micro camera on that list. specs:1.8 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches (eeee gads!)8 megapixels (3264 x 2448p resolution)microSD/SDHC card slot USB 2.0 connectionHD-video 1280 x 960p at 30fpsvoice recorder Americans can buy it at for the viscously marked up price …

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Medvedev and Leica M9

It turns out that Russian President, Dimitri Medvedev, loves photography. He developed the love early in his childhood while using a junky fully manual Soviet-made camera. He wishes he could take more photos, but his busy schedule only allows him to take photos from car windows and the hotels he stays. The 3 minute mark …

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