Cubs standings

Cubs baseball

It’s September 21, 2015 and the three best teams in all baseball are in the NL Central with the Cubbies among the trio. So really you could look at the NL Wild Card game as the NL Championship and the NLDS with the Cards as the World Series. The three best teams gun it out …

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matte finish batting helmets

Finally matte batting helmets have come to Major League Baseball and I’m super excited. Back in 2006 (nine years ago), team Japan had matte finish batting helmets and every year since I desperately wanted to see them worn by MLB players. They have a great subtle sheen. Glossy helmets are so obnoxiously shiny. Baseball is …

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more on the Cubs video board

quick, specific observations of the video screen experience The previous post goes into more detail about the Wrigley experience and how the new video screen impacts that. Here s just some quick things I encountered. 1. As of April 14, the sound throughout the ball park now comes from the left field video board. It …

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word of the day: barrage

barrage barragebəˈrZH/~nounnoun: barrage; plural noun: barrages 1. a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area. synonyms: bombardment, cannonade; gunfire, shelling; salvo, volley, fusillade; historicalbroadside used in sentence: The new jumbotrons at Wrigley Field will offer a barrage of glowing lights forever in the foresight of the game watching experience.

How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field’s outfield and Jumbotron

Today, the Chicago Cubs shared more images of their proposed changes to Wrigley Field. One image is particularly misleading. A somewhat detailed look can be found at the Chicago Tribune along with a caption (to the second image above) explaining where actual advertisements will be placed (Full caption pasted in comments below). To the Cubs’ …

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Cubs opening day

Today’s Opening Day win for the Chicago Cubs might turn out to be a microcosm for the 2013 Chicago Cubs. Rizzo homers. Castro scraps together a couple hits, but looks dazed as he wanders the basepaths aimlessly. Everyone else has no clue when they’re batting, especially any third basemen. Jeff Samardzija turns out to be …

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2012 MLB playoff predictions

I have two sets of 2012 MLB playoff predictions. See image above. I want the Orioles to win it all. I’ve always liked the Orioles. But I think the Yanks pull it off again. It would be pretty sweet to see an Orioles-Senators Series. I’ll take A’s-Giants, too, but that ain’t happening.