star wars galaxy series 4 gold foil series

I stumbled across Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy collector card series on ebay. This entire series is incredibly interesting. The gold fold collection from series 4 (edition of only 500) impresses me the most. I… want… them… all. $225 can make that happen. That’s not quite in the budget. I’d like the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cards because of a family connection even though the Vader card is probably the poorest drawing of the 15 card set.

A lot of people probably say the Yoda drawing is the highlight because of its impressive detail. Though really it’s the contrast of that detail that makes it work so well. The Luke and Leia cards are the best in the set. Both have great black/white contrast areas with a nice mix of gray undertones. That balance really sculpts their faces well and results in emotive facial expressions.