SPELLING SPILLS: homerun or home run

did you know the correct spelling of a hit in baseball that enables the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases and score a run is a “home run” and not a “homerun”?

So the next time you see it spelled “homerun” you can politely say, “Das ist falsch. Ihr Fehler muss korrigiert werden und ich bin hier, Ihnen zu erz
hlen, den ein Schlag in Baseball der erm
glicht den Teig zu machen einen vollst
ndigen Kreislauf von den Basen und einzukerben einen Lauf ein Homerun, kein homerun ist, simplifizieren Sie unwissenden Narren!”

Translated from German that says “That is incorrect. Your mistake must be corrected and am I here to tell you, to make that a blow in baseball of that enabled the dough a complete circulation of the bases and to indent is a course a Home run, no homerun, simplifizieren you unknowing fool!”

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Spelling homerun as home run is like spelling webpage to be Web page. The AP style calls for it to be Web page, cuz it’s used in the acronym WWW. But it’s just ridiculous. So you’d have to say something like this, “Go visit my Web page.” Can that be any more dumb looking? I’m going to continue to spell homerun as homerun.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Those who spell homerun to be home run can just go eat their shorts and run to home.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Maybe they are in one of our notebooks. I have a lot of my notebooks from high school/grade school. But I do seem to remember writing them down on loose leaf lined paper.

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