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I have been going through my collection of digital photographs recently and I decided that I need to make my own photoblog. It’s interesting to see how others organize their photoblog. Just about everyone organizes them chronologically. This doesn’t entice me to look at their photoblog. The best sites are the ones that place their photos into categories. Though using a timeline approach helps people see what photos have been added recently; so repeat visitors can easily determine what they haven’t seen before.

Most photoblogs I have encountered don’t have more than 100 photos. This perplexes me. Digital photography allows the freedom to explore many, many different photos. There’s no film or processing to pay for. The only cost is in archiving the files on disk. I expect my photoblog to have at least 500 photos easy.

I’m also considering selling 4×6 prints of all the photos posted for $5 a pop. That’s what I would pay to have someone’s else’s cool photo. I wouldn’t pay more than that.

For now, I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop’s “Web Photo Gallery”. I think I can easily do a “Find and Replace” in GoLive to add some extra links to all the pages. I want this process to be simple. Though I am afraid that Google will have problems with the frames. Yes, psd web photo gallery uses frames. Bummer. Here’s the link to my test site. Google caches my blog more than any other page on my site, so I want Google’s spiders to find the test page ASAP. And the frames requires the viewer to scroll rightward to see the thumbnails. That’s another downfall. Fortunately there is a big orange arrow there to help navigation.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I can’t wait until your photoblog is up! I’m all for having my art friends sell their stuff!

By the way, those are some CRAZY grasshopper photos! What a little poseur! LOL!

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I just bought $200 worth of art from someone I don’t even know! I’d much rather give it to you three! All of you should let me know when you post new art on your site [that is for sale] or ebay. I’ll be there!!

Laura K.
Laura K.
17 years ago

i’ve got art for sale on eBay now.

Laura K.
Laura K.
17 years ago

and you can click on my username here to see it!

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