one of the best logos ever

Lay your eyes on one of the coolest logos you’ll ever see. It’s the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Organized Nov. 28, 1891. Affiliated with: American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations & Canadian Labour Congress. That’s a mouthful and all of that is powerfully displayed in this crest.

A serious, no-nonsense heavy condensed sans serif is the wise font choice. Setting the name of the company in white against a reversed background serves as a strong anchor complemented by the outer bands, including the affiliations, which are decoratively simple, but smart.

The seriousness of the text-setting sets the stage for the focal point of the logo which is the vintagey and extraordinarily dramatic graphic of the human hand (sharply dressed in suit coat and dress shirt) firmly grasping a series of radiating electrical bolts. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. It’s quite the statement of power.

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Matt Maldre
12 years ago


12 years ago

I’m pretty sure this organization is just a front for some secret Wizard society.