oldest pitcher matchup

I’m not sure if tonight’s Phillies-Mets pitcher matchup qualifies as the oldest ever, but it’s sure gotta be close. 41 year-old Tom Glavine is facing 44 year-old Jamie Moyer.

Here’s some quick stats I pulled from each player. Glavine has 291 career wins, 9 away from 300. Moyer has 217 wins, 83 away from 300. Glavine’s lifetime ERA: 3.46. Moyer’s lifetime ERA: 4.16. Each player was drafted in 1984. Glavine went in the 2nd round to the Braves. Moyer went in the the 6th round to the Cubs.

I’m pulling for a slugfest tonight, because I have four players in the game in my fantasy starting lineup.

image courtesy of questacon.com

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17 years ago

What about Satchel Paige against Anybody?

I’m also reminded of the great matchup a couple of years ago between Maddux and Clemens.