nice rhino. nice, nice rhino

This rhino image comes from a vintage postcard from The Field Museum in Chicago. It’s available for purchase NOW on ebay for $9.

For some reason I have been avoiding closing the browser window containing this ebay item for a couple weeks now. I’m not sure what’s so spellbinding about it. I dig vintage postcards. I dig rhinos. And I dig the Field Museum. Though I haven’t been to the Field Museum since they had the big traveling Baseball Hall of Fame show a few years back.

Come to think of it; this postcard reminds me of a photo I took at the Brookfield Zoo back in the Fall. There’s that house that has a couple different rhinos. The building itself is interesting in that it was built many years ago and has an art deco feel. More times than not there’s a rhino just standing there about 30 feet away from the viewing public. The lighting isn’t terrible either, so it’s easy to get a good photograph. The rhino is usually standing in the same position in the postcard. I remember taking the photo thinking that it has this odd historical sense to it given the rhino’s classic sideways pose and the mundane painted wall background with straw strewn across the floor.

Now I’m really itching to go to the Field Museum just to visit the Zoology Research and Collections department and see all the cool displays with the taxidermicized animals. I used to think that was the most boring part of the museum, but now I’m starting to find that stuff utterly fascinating.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

Just don’t stand too close when you visit the rhinos at Brookfield Zoo. I’d hate to hear that some rhino pee’d on you.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

This is a rhino model.