new handheld sculptures

ALERT! ALERT! New art series on etsy by yours truly. It’s called “Screw You”. The first two pieces in the series are titled, “Ralph” and “Walter”.

Artist Statement:

The circular portrait is telling the viewer, “screw you”. There are holes placed in the top of the piece so a string may be inserted and be worn around the neck. The viewer changes roles and becomes part of the sculpture. Rather than receiving the “screw you” message, the person wearing the sculpture is communicating that message with everyone he/she encounters throughout the day.

Be warned, however. The viewer can interact with the piece on a very literal level. The pyrographed word, “screw” is a reference to the physical screw in the piece. The figure in the portrait becomes “you” as the viewer looks at the portrait. The viewer can then take the message to a different level and turn the tables and say “Screw you” to the sculpture itself and whomever might be wearing the sculpture.

Buy “Ralph” or “Walter” for $10 on etsy.

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16 years ago

hey, you redesigned your website. is this something recent, or am I just late to the game? seems like it’s more art-focused now [less erik, less design].

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I like the slimmed down site too. You finally fixed the link to your blog! Now I can enter through your front page! Sweet!

Oh, and screw me.