new Boston Market logo is terrible

Boston Market is one of my favorite restaurants. Well, it used to be until they stopped posting coupons on their site about 16 months ago. Every once in a while I will stop by to see if there’s any new coupons. I just encountered BoMa’s latest logo. It is a complete failure. I was so upset that I decided to leave them a comment on their feedback page. I have also contacted Carol Schuaer, Boston Market’s Marketing Contact, about this terrible logo.

Below is the message I have left on their feedback page:

Why did you change your logo? It looks terrible now. It lacks any identity. What’s a logo without an identity? A failure. This logo is a disaster.

The new logo has no direction. It’s trying to be traditional and established with its oval shape and curved type, yet it lacks the subtle details that lend that traditional feel from the previous logo. It is bland and dull and lacks any means of sophistication. It is currently failing miserably in its attempt to be a traditional logo. It is a deterioration from the previous logo.

It also is attemping to be a modern, clean logo with its simplicity of sans serif face and simple, basic forms. Yet is is failing as a modern logo. The shapes are indeed simple, but not the shapes themselves are not modern. They are traditional. The current logo is a weak study in being a crisp, modern logo.

This attempt to make the Boston Market logo both traditional and modern is inadequate in both respects. This logo is achieving no mood and no feel. This logo is a born loser, a dud, a flop. It lacks the charm and refinement of the previous logo. Expect marketing response to be poor. People will not be able to associate with this logo in any form do to its poor identity.

Please immediately change the logo back to the previous version.

-erik maldre, a concerned Boston Market patron

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Laura K.
Laura K.
16 years ago

Looks like they’re trying to change their image, from a fast-food restaurant to a more elegant upscale image. But I agree with you, the new logo doesn’t have the ZING of the old one.

Matt Maldre
16 years ago

I bet they wanted to make their brand look less flashy and more real. They achieved that. They probably were also trying to go the route of a McDonalds simpllicity. Although their shape is nowhere near the impact of the Golden arches, it does have a more simple old-time feel. I kinda like their flat boring logo–except for one major problem. The name of the restaurant looks like it’s called “Est 1985” I guess they are trying to be like the American Eagle shirts that all say ’79 on them. They are trying to be all hip. I don’t care… Read more »

Matt Maldre
16 years ago

You should ask them that. Wait. maybe i will. Here, i just sent them an email:
What is up with this new logo? “Est. 1985”? I assume you are trying to show that Boston Market has been around for a while. But you know what? I don’t really care. There’s plenty of companies/restaurants that have been started since then and it makes no difference to me when the restaurant was started. 1985. Woo de doo. Have your burgers been sitting in an Astrovan since 1985?

Peggie Quigley
Peggie Quigley
9 years ago

I got all excited today, when I received a flier in the mail for a new Boston Market on Quincy Ave., Braintree, MA.
How disappointing to find that it is just a sub/pizza show with a typical menu.
How did they get to use the Boston Market name???????

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