most pathetic person EVER

I love reaction photographs of crowds at sporting events. Check out this photo of Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz trying reach a foul ball in the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009, in Atlanta. Photo from AP. You got the guys in the back looking on in awe. The dude on the left looks like he’s being attacked by a ninja. The guy right in front of Ruiz is going after the ball (awesome).

Then you have the person on the right with the little girl. I’m going to assume that the girl is there with that person judging from where the girl is standing. Note that I am not calling that older person a man or an adult. A man would either go after the ball or pull the little girl back. An adult at the very least would pull the girl back. This is the most pathetic person on the face of the earth (at least for that split second in time).

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

I wish I could enlarge it, but I get the gist of it. Grown men, reeling in fear. What a bunch of nellys

Matt Maldre
11 years ago

oh wow. When I read this in Google Reader last night, I thought this was a post by I launch up your site this morning (as I do every morning), and I see the post on your site! I went over to desipio to see if he stole it from you. But I was wrong. When I saw this post in Google Reader, it was from your blog.

Matt Maldre
11 years ago

Someone needs to save that girl. Where is Super man?

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