most awesomest football card

My nomination for most awesomest football card ever:

1971 Topps Garo Yepremian #121 RC Miami Dolphins

Reasons for its awesomenicity:

1. check out the sweet wood-paneled station wagon in the background. This reason alone makes it worthy of most awesomest football card ever. But wait, there’s four more reasons.

2. Yepremian has sweet sideburns to compliment his bald head.

3. He has trees growing out both ears.

4. He is kicking the ball from the 15 yard line. He’s either practicing a 32 yard field goal (from 15 yard line) or a 102 yard field goal from the OTHER 15 yard line. I prefer to think he’s going for 102 yards.

5. He’s actually not even kicking towards the field goal. He’s kicking the ball into the stands.

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Tom Saaristo
10 years ago

I also love the graphic of the Kicker in the lower left corner!

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Garo Yepremian is actually dancing. Not kicking. He’s showing off his latest club moves. And there just happens to be a football there. Wait no. He’s showing off how he dances around a football. He goes to the club with a football. Sets it on the floor. And then dances around it.

10 years ago

cut the ball out and he’s an airplane!

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Everybody do the airplane dance! If I had a classroom of kids, I’d have them all pretend to be airplanes.

10 years ago

Classroom of kids… or a flash mob!

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