Marveling the AMA building

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The AMA building in Chicago is curious. I wonder if there’s any offices to the left of the rectangle hole. That would be an awesome office. Every wall in your office would be a view of the city. I guess one wall would be a view of the building. But the idea of having a high-rise office with glassed view on every single wall is sweet. I don’t know how wide that space is. I like to think it’s only about 20 feet wide. If the space is more than 50 feet wide, then it would lose some of its intimate, nest-in-the-air feel.

If there are offices there, I wonder how the tenants get up there. There has to be some sort of staircase. It would be super cool if people in those offices had to take the elevator to the floor above those offices and then they would slide down a pole to get to their office. That would ensure that each office wall was 100% glass with no staircases obstructing the view. There would have to be some sort of signaling system when someone was planning to use the pole. You don’t want two people on different floors sliding down the pole at the same time. That could be problematic. A signaling system would alleviate that concern.

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16 years ago

I work in this building. We do have elevators! I haven’t seen any poles, but then again my office isn’t near that cut-out part. It’s a cool building – I like the structure and the location.

15 years ago

I always fantasize about jumping a motorcycle through that hole.

15 years ago

I guess it would be too much to ask to put some picnic tables in the open space…?