logo that has aged well

Y’know a logo that has oddly aged well? Little Caesars Pizza. At least this version that popped up in an ad on pandora.com. Though I looked up Little Ceasars logos on google and none are nearly as nice as this black type on orange version.

The font is notoriously early 80’s blobby serif, but here it works. Maybe at least for me it does. It conjures up childhood memories of sitting in a very dark Pizza Hut with red checkered plastic table cloths and those mysterious transparent red glass with the marble texture. We didn’t eat out much growing up, but when we did Pizza Hut was on the list.

There’s something about the honesty of this logo. It proudly demonstrates its 70s/80s heritage without confusing the design by meager attempts to “modernize” or “refresh” the logo with other design elements. Little Caesars says, “Here’s our blobbie serif. We’re going to set it in simple black type. We’re going to center it. And we’re gonna keep our old cartoon logo too. So deal with it. And we’re gonna make it a nice design by setting it against an orange background thus uniting the cartoon and the text. I like that it’s a square so that it’s a subtle connection to pizza boxes.

My only complaint is that someone added the word “Pizza” and they did a pretty poor job. The x-height is too low.

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Matt Maldre
11 years ago

I’m happy to see you continuing your pizza logo series.

It’s surprising that you found a logo with “Pizza” in the name. I googled LIttle Ceasars Pizza, and all the results do not have “PIzza” in the logo. At some point they must have changed their name from “LIttle Ceasar’s Pizza” to “Little Ceasar’s.”