learn Estonian and impress Kristina Smigun

If you ever run into Cross Country Olympic gold medalist, Kristina Smigun, impress her with your tremendous knowledge of the Estonian language. Go to ibs.ee/dict to translate any english words into Estonian. They only translate one word at a time. You can’t enter phrases. So your phonics may be a little off and you might end up calling Kristina a drunk anteater instead of telling her she is the world’s greatest Winter Olympian athlete.

or head over to any of these websites that will help you learn Estonian.

speakestonian.co.uk gives a nice overview of basic phrases to get your way though Estonia or in case you run into Kristina Smigun. And they list about 8 Estonian language books

This site lists actual people that will teach you how to speak Estonian!

Learn Estonian Beginner Level DVD from Amazon.com


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Laura K.
18 years ago

moose, have you ever been to Estonia? i think you should take your next vacation there.


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