Kenneth Cole watch review #2

H. Kenneth Cole 3485 $125
another simple watch. This one has a rectangle face which is quite trendy these days. I still need to decide if the numbers, “12”, “3”, “6”, and “9” are too big. The numbers are the same size as watch “I”. However, the quadrupled amount of numbers on this watch may look too clunky. It just may be that I’m so used to seeing the design of watch “I”, that my perception of this watch is unrightly altered.

I’m just going to have to see this watch in person. Digital images don’t help with the sense of scale.

link to post showing all 15 watches in this review

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Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I’m still going with C or G … if I could do the metal bracelet, I’d go with G, but C wins for me because of the leather strap and it’s still VERY cool

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