Kenneth Cole Stitching Time watch review #6

N. Kenneth Cole Stitching Time $95
Yea, that watch is officially called “Stitching Time”. Not a simple design like many of the other watches reviewed. Yet, this watch has alot of personality while maintaining a sense of class.

And And the “9” and the “3” stand out. That reads 93, the year I graduated from high school. So this watch has a little symbolism in it as well.

This watch has a leather band. However, I’m not going to give it negative points for that quite yet.

I really don’t like skinny leather bands. This band is not skinny. It’s nice and wide. The wide leather band might, just might, look nice on my smaller wrist. A super-wide metal band looks too clunky and pimpish on me, but since this is leather, it may be a nice touch.

There’s alot of wide leather bands that look bad on me. That’s because they are very detailed and clunky. This band is not that. It’s a clean, simple look. I’m very curious to try this watch on.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

You said it! This watch has a lot of personality!