iphone camera telescope zoom

This is wild and wacky. It’s a zoom lens that attaches to the iPhone being sold by mobile.brando.com.hk. I’m guessing that “hk” stands for Hong Kong.

Clearly someone who doesn’t know English very well wrote the product description:

Function: Overcome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view for you at the moment.

Advantage: The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography.

I think what they’re trying to say is that it’s a zoom lens. Sheesh. There’s two sample images on their site of a photo without the zoom lens and a photo with the zoom lens. I have to say that this wacky contraption does a pretty good job. There’s quite a bit of blurring around the edges, but the center of the image is sharp and it’s an impressive amount of zoom for the buck. Only $19 and $3 shipping. I get extremely nervous even thinking about buying something from a dot hk site. So buyer beware.

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

I feel like i have something witty to say in the dialectic that these hk people are using, but i’m drawing a blank. I’ve sat here for five minutes trying to think of something. But instead here I sit.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

You need to make a blog post about your new summary to your blog description. You say, “I began my graphic design studies in 1993 on a photocopier.” I would like to make a comment on this.

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