infiniti and acura logos

The other day I saw an Infiniti and Acura next to each other in the parking lot. It was interesting to compare their logos.

Both are circular in nature implying a race track or endless innovation.

Both have elements in the center that point upward implying peak performance and that they’re at the zenith. The Infiniti logo does a better job on conveying this sense. The Acura logo is more of representation of those fancy compasses which represents accuracy.

The Infiniti logo also looks like a sideways Pac-Man.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

Nice analysis and comparison of those logos. I never before saw the race track in these logos. Nor did I ever realize that the peak in these logos are like a pinnacle. Or that it looks like a compass. Wow. there’s a lot in these.

And Pac-Man is gonna eat us!

Brett Evans
Brett Evans
14 years ago

The “A” in the Acura logo looks like calipers used to precisely measure things. And the peak in the Infiniti logo also represents Mt. Fuji, as it is a uniquely Japanese luxury brand.

6 years ago

The thingy inside the Acura logo can also be seen as an “A” for Acura. It can also be seen as a road in perspective.

The “road in perspective” theme is also evident in the Infinity logo. Here, the road ends in an infinite point, relating the abstract figure to the brand name.