i’m a celebrity in Schaumburg

Last week I mentioned the famous Schaumburg, Illinois webcam. Well guess what. I was in Schaumburg doing a survey tonight and I visited the Schaumburg webcam. That’s me in the photo.

View live footage of the Schaumburg webcam here. (Link fixed 10/2012)

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13 years ago

Live webcam self-image capturing is a tricky business. Good job!! Are you on the phone with the person who captured the image?

I caught myself in a webcam once, but it was one where they archive images over the last hour or day or something, so I had to go back to my hotel and look in the archive and hope I was there at the right time. I was!

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Wow, cool! Are you taking a phone call from a fan?

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

did you take a photo of the building? I’m very curious what this building looks like. I’ve been watching this web-cam for about a week now. It’s kinda like a postcard hanging on the wall in my cube. Only it changes through the day. It’s really nice.

Erik is the only person that I have seen so far get this close to the web-cam.

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

it would be cool if the citizens of Schaumburg all had digital frames showing this scene in Schaumburg. Then it would become like THE place for people to hang out and be seen by everyone in town.

Anon  Omous
Anon Omous
13 years ago

spudart mentioned he wanted to view all the web cams of the world. I found a web site called earthcam that allows you to search for different web cams.

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