how’d you fall down?

I thought this was an interesting, although incredibly impractical, design to put on the bottom of a shoe. I’ve always been interested in the balance of aesthetics and functionality found in shoe soles. I tend to sway towards to the idea that utilitarian designs can have equal or greater aesthetic value than the display shown on this shoe.

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Matt Maldre
10 years ago

Wow, that’s interesting that you buy shoes according to the tread on the bottom. I suppose that’s one of the greatest functions of a shoe–how it grips the ground. I never thought of that. I always–ALWAYS–have bought shoes according to their style. The only functional shoes I bought are my snowboots, and those boots are incredible. Every Chicagoan needs a pair of real snowboots. Can you make a blog post about snowboots?

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

oh and gym shoes. I buy those for function. Last time I went to DSW and tried on something like 72 different pairs of gym shoes to find the best fit.

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