fold-away kitchen

It’s a fold-away kitchen from Yanko Design. Looks kinda fun. Though I’m not sure how much space this really saves, because the depth of the table and chairs remain the same. It’s just a matter of sliding the units out from their storage space when used. It’s not like a foldaway bed where you PULL DOWN the bed. That’s a space saver. So, it’s not so much about the footprint as the statement it makes. I’m really digging the flat 2-dimensional outlines when the unit is closed up.

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Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
15 years ago

I like it.

Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

Are those people in the picture really short, or are those benches extremely tall. Just look at how far their feet are from touching the bottom.

It looks like BJ Armstrong sitting in Luc Longley’s chair…

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

looks like this is made out of paper

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