foam noodle art

foam noodles. They seem to be popping up more and more in art nowadays.

I remember my first encounter with foam noodles years ago because they’re such an insanely, funny object. They adapt themselves well to art.

Though I can see why many artists nowadays don’t repurpose objects from culture, but rather take their efforts one step earlier by becoming involved with raw manufacturing materials, most commonly the endless varieties of plastic. Why wait for culture to present you with your medium when you can develop the medium at its most raw stage?

The costs of which bend my mind. It’s much more efficient to get a $1 foam noodle from the dollar store. But the artist next door is doing just that. So it becomes an arms race to see who can repurpose objects of culture. I was never a fan of the “I did it first, so I win” approach especially in today’s pinterest world.

photo courtesy of spudart.

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Matt Maldre
8 years ago

Five months later, it’s kinda crazy to think that someone made an architectural environment out of noodle foam tubes in Pioneer Court.