examining past, present & future cultures in art

there’s another new post over at my artist journal on livejournal.com

cultures of past, present, and future at once

…Past is represented by the Tooloon Mosque soffit. Present is represented by the modern day astronaut. Future is represented by the combination of the two. Star Wars Battlefronts II has an influence in defining how the future is represented in this painting…

link to artist journal homepage

permanent link to specific post (I prefer that people visit the homepage. The layout of the page for the specific posts are kinda fugly.)

I am very happy with the start of this series. I finally feel that I have a series that has strong artistic integrity. The Pollock and AIN’T series are up there, but the value of each piece in this particular series is considerably higher.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

It’s definitely an interesting technique in that it allows the viewers mind to merge not only the individual dots into a cohesive image, but also the different colors. Ultimately the mind of the viewer takes the place of the artists brush in this respect.

Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

Yeah, sometimes that Psychology minor from college just has to come out. My apologies.

Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
15 years ago

I really like the astronaut.

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